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On this this page here you will learn about one family who was tormented by evil entities and is still affected to this day by them. Until one man, and darkness's worst nightmare, Bill Bean, came into their life and drove them out and that's when death met it's match with the help of GOD at his side. To this day, He  frequents their house to keep in things in check, keeping watch, and this time with compelling evidence to prove evil exists and the Devil exists, it was Bill verses the Darkness and we all knew who would win when Bill came to town. (This case is an active case that Bill is still working with and checks in with regularly) This page link where Bill is further mentioned about is also on Bill's latest news tab as well.

With Bill in this world, Satan and his minons, as well as no force of darkness stand a chance against the one man who wields his sword always ready for battle, and wears his armor 24/7 standing with GOD against the darkness. As Bill has always said" If GOD is for us who can be against us" -Romans "8:31. 


 Evil has met it's match with the most feared bully on the block by darkness of the night. When the phone rings and a challenge comes calling, and it's Bill who answers the call, he answers back with a sword and shield in their faces, the warrior angels decending and GOD working through Bill to deliver each client that he works with and frees them from the grips of satan's power. Darkness stands no chance against Bill for this reason because it knows the presence of GOD is with him and it has to flee his presence and GOD's and that's when death was sent back to hell and life begins free! And for now, the Intenzos can continue to live theirs as theirs well..... until the next time Bill is needed and of course our heavenly Father himself - GOD. 

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A message from  Anita herself:

The Intenzo Incident:

Bill came to our home in November 2018 ( week before Thanksgiving) for a visit and to give us a "Booster" shot of spiritual deliverance against the forces that continued to plague us. Bill has done this every so often to keep things in check.

He started in our living room with prayers and getting our feedback to what had lately gone on.
We showed Bill the fingerprints in the bathroom.

He went upstairs and although we think we captured an orb in my bedroom, we are not sure if it is one.

Bill then went down the basement and there he started at the fireplace that is part of the original foundation of an 1800's farmhouse that our Cape Cod house is built on top of. That is where we all heard a long, loud groan/moan when Bill started his prayers.

Chris brought his cell phone camera and said to Bill that something was following him around the basement and caught the images on the heater duct several time.
Also there was a long dark snake like shadow on the floor we caught sight of following Bill.
Creepy to say the least and it really left a very deep impression on Bill that we are still in danger but that we are strong believers that nothing will scare us away from the light of Christ and our home. Here are some PHOTOS  INCLUDED OF THAT DAY MY SON CHRIS CAPTURED. These are watermarked and copyrighted.

2 photos of Fingerprints in our first floor bathroom. We have this happen all the time.

1-photo of face forming on our duct pipe to heater in basement. It has a different look compared to another face photo.
1- detail of this face that has been cropped.

1 photo of THE FACE that Bill said looks alien and has teeth. This formed on the aluminium duct pipe too.  Kev Baker says this is one of the most compelling photos of a captured supernatural entity he has ever seen.

1-photo of Bill near the fireplace where we all heard a loud groan/response when Bill started his prayers and told whatever was in the basement to leave. Something didn't like that.

Bill was featured in my episode of A HAUNTING TV SHOW (EPISODE 12 SEASON 7) DECEMBER 2014  "PORTAL OF DOOM"








He was also written about in my book "Dark Transference" 

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To hear the  lastest Interview with Bill Bean that toook place on Midnight in the desert about the Intenzo Incident, Please click the one of the following links.

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Bill Bean The Intenzo Incident Case
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Severe scratches
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Chris' bruised arm
Chris' brusied Knee
Energy portal in basement 2010
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finger prints on mirror
finger prints on mirror
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bill blesses our house
Bill in our living room
Bill fights back in our living room
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Bill heading down stairs
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shadow with long snake
Bill in basement-battle begins
Face on pipe
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Bill near fireplace
me praying with Bill
Bill near fireplace
Bill near fireplace 1
Fireplace where we heard sou
Anita and Chris March 2019
angel cloud- GOD has the victory!
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