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May GOD bless you all and we look forward to interacting with you! We are always here for you and we will continue to be in the coming furture.

Greetings Everyone,

This is an important announcement from SWRD as we were asked to share this information from a source who found us online and sent into us these images of the conversation via email to bring it our attention and make us aware that an individual is being slandered publicly.

We wented to let you know that there is a woman posted below, who has been going around slandering people. She made illegal threats, was harrassing, bullying, making illegal threats via email and publicly posting it on social media, mocking people she doesn't know,  basically and completely trashing them. While we do not condone this behavior we need to make it aware that this is not professional. Please do not pay attention to anything that is posted by her concerning us or the affected individual. The individual being called into light has no authority over me and is misrepresenting Bill Bean. She also has committed copyright infringment on videos falsely representing the Ministry. On the Youtube channel for the Ministry, it states that we are not affiliated with it and that is false information. Please ignore and disregard this information and do not pay attention to any of what is being said. This is straight lies. None of their comments about me hold true. Any comments ever made about us or the individual involved is not to be believed or taken seriously. The state of Maryland is investigating the person in these screen shots below. Please do not contact her for spiritual help or prayer requests or anything for that matter. She is misrepresenting the ministry.

A post concerning the affected individual has asked us not to be identified and we did not want to address them publicly unlike the author of the posts in question. All we can say is this is the type of individuals we have working in Ministry? There have been over 25 complaints concerning these messages sent to people that have been relayed back to us.

Please note there is false information going around saying that we do not work for Bill Bean when we do. The largest secion on this website belongs to Bill. Here is the proof that we have that proves we do work for him. Below is the written letter proving I do work for Bill Bean and the slanderous screen shots of her trashing an individual. Someone like this does not dserve to be in ministry. Please tell EVERYONE you can about her. It has also been brought to our attention that she is going around trying to obtain information about Bill Bean and asking people to disclose information to her on this. Please do not give this woman ANYTHING about Bill infromation wise. It is none of her business. If Bill wants to share information with her that's of his own accord. However she is going around prying into information about Bill that does not need to be given to her. Please avoid answering anything you can to her about Bill Bean or his Ministry. We suspect she is up to something and think there is a hidden motive to her coming out of nowhere to help him. Beware of this woman and do not use her for graphic designs or your business at all. She has done nothing but throw here weight around and defame the person involved and us as part of the Ministry Bill runs. We urge you all to ignore her threats and anything she states about us. She has no authority over us or the individual involved. Please do not pay attention to anything she says now or in the future.

If you would like to visit the site of the Bill Bean Ministries page, please vist this link and like and follow us there! This is the new permanent home for him. This is the new permanent Bill Bean Ministries page https://www.facebook.com/billbeanminstries This page is dram, slander, threats, bullying, harrassment, discrimination, defamation,etc. free! Behavior of that kind will not be tolerated. Please do not let what is going around the internet and the old Ministries page deter you from contacing or reaching out to us. We appreciate this ifnroamtion being sent to us by a source who has asked to not be disclosed. Thank you! Do not believe anything that comes out of the mouth of the individual listed below. She has no legal authority over us.


The letter below was verified by an attorney as a form of a valid legal contract and stands as legal proof we are very much apart of Bill Bean Ministries and holds up as a being put under contract by Bill Bean. Please disregard anything that speaks otherwise anywhere on youtube, facebook or social media or anywhere else that states otherwise. Contracts come in different forms and this is one form of a written contract. Again, please disregard anything that states otherwise including as captions on youtube videos or facebook.

If you have any questions, need spiritual help, or need to send prayer requests, please feel free to email us from the site or send an email to the ministry pages at homeofthespiritualwarrior@gmail.com


Thank you SWRD ADMIN & Management

(Screenshots are enclosed)

Update: Someone went to bat for us and we received this email today in our email. We would like to share this email with you that was sent to us. We had no idea someone would do this for us.... Thank you to whomever sent this email on our behalf and the person invovled.

Dear Ms. Spellman,
We have received an email that was sent to us and filed on your behalf concerning a complaint that we consider to be slander, threats made to you, and harassment as well as other areas that we take issue with including a violation of your protected class status against one Desiree Valdez. We will review this email and a response will be forthcoming to you by email when we have more information to give you.

Maryland Attorney General
Consumer Protection Division


We are being slandered! Please disregard EVERYTHING concerning us and the creator of our website!


Proof that I did not Impersonate Bill Bean

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