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For the time ever we now have a library of different PDF articles, word documents and tons of things regarding spiritual warfare, The Nephilim, Demons, Demonic Possessions, Exorcisms, and many more to choose from. These documents are posted free to use and share with those who are interested. We have over 50 different types of articles talking about biblical view points on Spirtual warfare, there is also encylcopedia files of various topics and so much more. Some are even hand books and guides as well.


Many of you have asked us for information on a wide variety of topics. So here are the PDF's , EBooks, and Word Documents. The full title will show up on each one when it opens. Some titles are too long and are abreviated.

The following PDF, Handbooks, Guides, and Ebooks are available for download and use:

1.    26 John Maxwell Quotes
2.    Church Website Evaluation
3.    Called To Lead Worship
4.    The Confessions of St. Augustine
5.    Men of the Bible
6.    5 Tips for a Fresh Christmas Sermon
7.    E-Book: The Persuit of GOD
8.    Prayer and Praying Men
9.    E-Book: The Deeper Christian Life
10.    Find Hope in the Storm
11.    Understanding Forgiveness
12.    Understanding Hope
13.    Exorcism._I._Ancient_Near_East_and_Hebrew
14.    Anxious For Nothing - Leaders Guide
15.    anxious-for-nothing-study-guide-session-1
16.    anxious-for-nothing-chapters-1-thru-4.pdf
17.    anxious for nothing bonuses pdf
18.    Bible Translation Comparison and Deception
19.    The Encyclopedia of Demons and Demonology
20.    When an Unclean Spirit goes out of a person
21.    William_Menzies_Alexander_Demonic_possesion
22.    Defining Satan the Devil and Demons
23.    Does GOD engage in Destructive Behavior
25.    Exorcism Possession and Deliverance
26.    Chapter 15 Jesus is GOD
27.    Fallen Angels and Genesis
28.    Fallen_Angels_and_Genesis_6_1-4_2000_DSD
29.    Frightful Demons and Faithful Prayer
30.    Demon List
31.    Bible-King James Version EBOOK Teaching
32.    E booklet: 40 days with Jesus
33.    Giant Humans in the Historical Record
34.    Satan Mourns Naked upon the Earth Locat(
35.    Demonology_An_Overview.pdf
36.    How_the_Devil_Got_His_Hooves_and_Horns_T
37.    Demons_and_Politics_A_Consideration_of_J
38.    An_Expounding_on_the_Wonder_of_God.pdf
39.    The Power of the Blood of Jesus PDF
40.    The_Nephilim_and_Rephaim_Satan_s_Seed_fr
41.    Demonology an Overview
42.    From_Justin_An_Evolution_in_Demonology.pdf
43.    Exorcisms.pdf
44.    Angel Armies Student Notes
45.    When GOD Stops A  5 day Devotional
47.    The Spiritual Warrior-SYN.pdf
48.    Demons and How to Deal with Them
49.    Understanding Depression
50.    MorningandEveningPrayersCW.pdf
51.    Hand Book of Prayer
52.    MorningandEveningPrayersCW.pdf
53.    The_Giant_in_a_Thousand_Years_Tracing_N.
54.    Dialogue_with_Demons_Religion_Culture_an
55.    Open_Access_Bible_2016_King_James_Bible.PDF
56.    Expository_Outlines_of_the_PSALMS.pdf
57.    The_Religious_Grounds_of_Possession_and.
58.    The_Lord_SENT_It.pdf

Word Documents

1.    A_Re-examination_of_Biblical_Criteria_Fo
3.    Healing_in_the_Dark_Research_into_the_pr
6.    The_Doctrine_of_Satan.doc


PDF , Handbooks, Guides and Ebook Documents