Tips to Boost Your Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Well-Being as Pandemic Restrictions Lift

Tips to Boost Your Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Well-Being as Pandemic Restrictions Lift

by Cheryl Conklin........

A quote from Cheryl : " I’ve learned so much about the importance of self-care during the pandemic, especially when it comes to making time for the routines that make me feel my best. It’s made such a difference in my mental and physical health in this strange time."

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Tips to Boost Your Physical, Emotional,
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With today's economy and environment, there are so many things that can cause our health whether it be spiritual health, mental health or so much more during this time of the pandemic world we are living in, We are please to present our first ever guest column writer Cheryl Conklin from Wellness Central.

It is espeically important to take care of ourselves during this pandemic with everything from mental health awareness, how to handle food safety and so many more vital things. The following article in Microsoft word, which is the document that is listed below that you see, has some excellent ideas and resources, and if you would like to contact Cheryl regarding any of her content, please feel free to contact her via her email or website below. Please feel free to download and share this article with as many people as you'd like............Click the file below to hear what Cheryl has to say......We truly appreciate the time for Cheryl to help our readers gain more knowledge as as one of the greatest people I know always says..." Knowledge is power and power acheieved is power perceieved"-Bill Bean............ Take a minute to read what Cheryl has to say and we again from our family and readers at S.W.R. D. to all of your and yours, we truly thank Cheryl, for contributing and hope you enjoy what she has brought to the table for all to read . We hope she will consider more articles with us in the future! The Article may be downloaded above and is available to read below.

Tips to Boost Your Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Well-Being as Pandemic Restrictions Lift

After so many months of social distancing, the thought of venturing out into the world can feel a bit overwhelming — even if you’re just shopping for groceries, going on a run, or meeting a friend for an outdoor dinner. But as you transition to the next phase of the pandemic and start spending a bit more time away from home, it’s very important to care for your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being by eating nutritiously, praying and meditating, and taking precautions against the coronavirus. These tips from Spiritual Warfare Research and Development will help you to do it!

  • Care for Your Physical and Emotional Health

Whether you’ve gained a few pounds during lockdown, are experiencing symptoms of depression and/or anxiety, or you’re looking for some ways to boost your immunity and overall health and wellness, now is the time to start focusing on nutrition and getting back on track toward meeting your fitness goals.

If you’re struggling with mental health concerns such as depression, for instance, you may be able to beat the blues naturally by incorporating a few mood-boosting foods into your diet — including sweet potatoes, avocados, fatty fish, and walnuts. The food you consume not only affects you physically but mentally as well.

If you’re hoping to lose some weight, consume a better-balanced diet, or avoid going to the grocery store amid COVID-19, a meal delivery service could check all these boxes and more. Many grocery and meal kit delivery services can accommodate a variety of dietary needs and restrictions, making them suitable for those on low-calorie, paleo, ketogenic, vegan, vegetarian, and pescatarian diets. Before choosing a meal delivery service, however, it’s important to consider the following:

  • Cost per serving

  • Customer reviews

  • Availability in your area

  • Dietary needs and restrictions

  • Look Your Best, Even at Home

Another part of physical and emotional wellness has a lot to do with your wardrobe and the clothes you wear on a regular basis. According to GoodTherapy, the clothes you wear can play a major role in how you feel — and you may find yourself feeling sad or depressed if you’re spending much of your time in baggy, unflattering tops and bottoms. And while comfort should be key while social distancing at home, this doesn't mean you need to sacrifice style.

Popular brands like Kindred Bravely sell comfortable yet stylish clothing pieces such as leggings, joggers, tanks, pajamas, and many more options for lounging at home, running errands, or chasing after the kids. Plus, you can find stylish fashionable masks to complete your look whenever you need to step out for groceries or other errands.

  • Don’t Forget About Your Spiritual Needs

In times of crisis, faith and spirituality can help us to find the strength and inner peace we need to carry on with our lives — and the coronavirus outbreak is no exception. According to Bryan Goodman of the American Psychological Association (APA), having faith in a time of crisis can help us to feel like we’re part of something much greater than ourselves — and provide us with the hope and empowerment we need to manage stress and improve our well-being.

Moreover, there are a few things we can do to tap into our spirituality amid COVID-19:

  • Reading inspirational stories.

  • Incorporating positive affirmations into our daily lives.

  • Praying for guidance, calmness, and peace.

  • Practicing spiritual meditation regularly.

  • Streaming worship services online.

By fulfilling your spiritual needs and caring for your physical and emotional well-being as you prepare to venture out in the age of COVID-19, you’ll transition to the next phase of the pandemic with much greater ease. Many of us are struggling physically, emotionally, and spiritually after so many months of coronavirus-induced stress and anxiety, but a few simple diet, wardrobe, and lifestyle changes can help to prepare us for the months ahead.

Are you looking to boost your spiritual well-being in this time of global crisis? Visit Spiritual Warfare Research and Development to find inspirational stories, daily affirmations, prayers, poetry, news stories, and more.

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