Celine Dion promotes Brand New Satanic Clothing Line for Children....Please share this!

Celine Dion promotes Brand New Satanic Clothing Line for Children....Please share this!

For those of you who are familiar with singer Celine Dion, she's been in the news several times for having connections with the illuminati and she has been trying to design the latest line of clothing for kids.... However it's not your average clothing line. For those of you who are familiar with the most recent video she had out with the babies in the basinets, girls on the right, and boys on the left....... Now she's added a new feature to her video.

When you watch her previous video, she has little boys on the left in blue, and little girls on the right in pink.... Well.. if you look at the redone video now, it shows her singing with the kids on either side of her and if you take extra note in the middle of the little girls in their basinets, there is a very creepy voodoo doll that has been placed in the middle basinet with the baby in it. This voodoo doll appears as if it's staring right straight through your soul and it's eyes appear illuminiated as well as lit up just staring at you beckoning you to stare back at it. Then Celine blows what looks like confetting using magic in the video which again is totally evil and demonic.

One of the news affiliates got word of her starting up her brand new clothing line, and decided to interview her. Below is the full interview that took place. Celine states that children should be allowed to decide who they want to be, how they want to grow up and identify themsevles as, but what is disturbing about this is that if you look at the clothing she has some of these little kids wear, are using child models around 3 and 4 years old and in some cases the little kids are a little older. One poor little girl is seen wearing a wooden antler headband and she appears to be around 3 or 4. Other children can be seen wearing a skull imprinted on the shirt, with stars on the pants and other children model some of her other clothing options for kids. One of the outfits look like they are created from the mid evil time period and wear an upside down cross and the pants are black and the cross is white. It looks like it should have a cape with it, but doesn't thankfully.

Our question to you? Why can't kids just wear normal clothing? Answer? Because her agenda is to push the N.W.O ( new world order) agenda and as she said that kids dont know who they want to be until they become an adult and they should be given the option to wear whatever they would like to wear to express themselves.

Well, you just have to see the interview for yourself........ take a few minutes and watch the video below. It says more than we could say in of itself. This goes to show how satanism is affecting the world today even more. It has to be said that Celine needs GOD badly.

If you want to watch the video independently of this newsletter, please click the link below to take you directly to the youtube video or you have the option of watching it directly here. This definitely goes to show that the world itself also needs GOD back badly! Remember Satan, your days are numbered and when GOD returns you will be defeated once and for all again and your days of corrupting america and everyone in it will be coming to an end.

Please watch the video and share with anyone you feel the need to share this with.

Link for video to the actual You Tube Video external link:


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