Thousands of Students Rally for Jesus in 'Fields of Faith' 10-11-2017 Posted by US CBNNews.c

Thousands of Students Rally for Jesus in 'Fields of Faith' 10-11-2017 Posted by US

Photo Credit: FBC Blanco Students via Facebook

Thousands of high school students across the world will gather on their football fields to lift up the name of Jesus for the annual "Fields of Faith" event.

Fields of Faith is a student led event where high schoolers on campuses everywhere come together to pray for, share with, and challenge their peers to read the Bible and follow Jesus.

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"Our world is filled with pressures and temptations. We need to stand our ground" the event's website says.

Organizers welcome believers from all different denominations and traditions.

"We are Christ-centered and Bible-based," the website says. "The Bible is God's Word and will guide you to a meaningful life if you follow it with all your heart, soul and mind, and Jesus is the only way to God. If the rally is viewed as a one denomination event, it will be severely limited."

Fields across the nation and the world are preparing for #FOF17 tomorrow!

Let's join in prayer as we see students stand together to be a generation that is committed to reading the Bible and applying it to their lives.

Students from Virginia to California to South Korea are participating in the event.

(This was cut off from the picture description above) October 12, 2016 · El Campo, TX · I didn't get to take as many pictures as I wanted to of this phenomenal night at Fields of Faith. Thank goodness others did! God brought a lot of people together .....(see more)

While Fields of Faith has a global impact today, it had humble beginnings.

In 2002, Oklahoma Fellowship of Christian Athletes Area Director, Jeff Martin, prayed about how to help students face the temptations and spiritual battles of their generation.

"God led him to 2 Chronicles 34 for the answer. King Josiah, an influential teenager, gathered his people and challenged them to read God's Word. As a result, they changed their culture," the site says.

Two years later, Martin organized the first Fields of Faith and more than 6,000 students joined him in reading the Bible and worshipping the Lord.

Since that day, hundreds of thousands of people have attended Fields of Faith and thousands have given their lives to Christ.

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