The Word became flesh

and made his dwelling among us.

John 1:14

FROM THE FATHER'S HEART My child, I baffled the world when I entered as a baby born of a virgin. Who but God would think of such a marvelous plan? His words, wrapped up in precious cloths of grace—sent to a manger as the greatest treasure heaven could find. I was that Word made flesh. And I am your treasure for all time. I feel the same way about you.

A GRATEFUL RESPONSE Lord, You entered the world not on a white horse or wrapped in kingly robes. You came as an innocent baby, the Word made flesh. What a precious way to begin Your life on earth! Your Word has been fleshed out in my life, too. You, who were once a baby, have now become my living Lord.


No one but God could send His only Son so you and I could experience His priceless work of heart.

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