Colin Kaepernick

I have been asked to pass this on from Bill Bean.

"So let me get this straight: Spike Lee is hosting a rally? A United We Stand rally for a guy who won't stand for the National Anthem? Kaepernick is a guy that has made millions of dollars in America playing a game.

Furthermore, Spike Lee has also made millions in America, making movies and playing his own game. A game of turning hearts and minds of people into rebellious haters against all who are not "Down with the Cause!"

What is the cause anyway? Is it the right to do whatever you want to do, to whomever, whenever? Is it having a sense of entitlement, wanting everything and not willing to work for it? Is the cause for getting rid of police and military and living without the rule of law?

People like Kaepernick, Spike Lee, Michael Moore, Al Sharpton and many others are running quite a game and have been for a long time. These people are not your friends or comrades. They are mega-millionaires and they lead a lavish lifestyle. The only cause that they are down with is continuing to increase their bank accounts off of those who follow them. I would like to see any of these men go to another country and try to make the money that they have made here. American dollars off of the American people................................

Wake up, people! If you want real Unity, then stand tall as Americans and be thankful to GOD that we live in the greatest country on the earth!

Please think twice before you support them any further..................

I personally could solve the division between races very quickly by bringing GOD into it! When GOD is in it, the impossible becomes possible.....................

Thank you for reading and GOD bless all of you and GOD bless America!"

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