Funny Christian Sayings

Funny Christian Sayings Bill Johnson Complaining is to the devil, what praise is to God. Unknown Swallowing your pride rarely leads to indigestion. Unknown Too blessed to be stressed. Joyce Meyer Anger is the smelly fruit of rotten roots. Unknown Stop, drop and roll will not work in hell. Unknown No need to worry if you're drowning, our lifeguard walks on water. Garrison Keillor Going to church no more makes you a Christian than standing in a garage makes you a car. Unknown Favor ain't fair, but it sure is funny. Unknown Don't carry around bricks from your past, you'll just end up building the same house. Unknown Today's forecast: the Son shines and the Lord reigns! Unknown I may not have a Facebook page, but Jesus is still my friend.

Stephen Davey God wants to meet your need, not your greed

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