The Windsock

The Windsock

The other day, I was looking outside at this beautiful windsock that Gorden got at a yard sale a while back. He started to get rid of it when he was getting out the Christmas decorations, but instead he hung it outside on our porch just to get it out of his way for a while. We soon noticed just how beautiful it really is! It's made of these long, flowing, brightly-colored, shiny ribbon streamers, and they just fill our house with rainbows on the walls and ceiling when the sun hits them just right!! They just twinkle—almost like electric lights flashing all these different colors as the wind blows them…

Well, I was sitting there watching it and noticed that some of the streamers had gotten caught up in my hummingbird feeder hook that's out there. These few streamers were preventing the entire windsock from flowing in the breeze! It could only get about a foot away. I felt so sorry for it—trying so hard to be free and show all its pretty colors like it was made to do! I went out there and untangled it… It then started blowing freely again and looked "happy" to me!

As I pondered this more and more, I felt God was saying to me that this is exactly how certain things have kept ME entangled all these years—how even a few "strands" being held captive could prevent the rest of me from really living freely as God intended me to! I imagined how God reaches down and gently "untangles" me and sets the captive free! And then—just like I was doing with the windsock—He sits and watches me with glee and delight—flowing in the breeze, beautiful—just how He created me to be…

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