What is Blind Trust in God? Learning to Trust God Completely! – by Gorden and Jacki

What is Blind Trust in God? Learning to Trust God Completely! – by Gorden and Jacki

What is blind trust? Good question. Blind trust is when you put your total—and I mean TOTAL, FULL, ALL, EVERYTHING—trust in God. But what most of us do is we give the problem to God for a little while (or only give certain parts of the problem to Him—hanging onto parts ourselves!), and then when things don't go the way we think they should, we run and get our problem back! And, when we do this, God CANNOT work! Maybe what we want isn't coming as soon as we think it should. Or things are not going the way we hoped. Or we try to help God along—boy, what a mess!!

Asking God for something is a little like using a credit card: When we ask for something, we "give Him the card." As long as He has it, He can work. But when we "take it back"—for whatever reason—He has to stop working and wait for the "card" back. And when we try to help God out, we wind up with the "card stuck in the machine"—and then nothing gets done until we get our hands out and let God work! But now he has to fix the "mess" we made before He can start!

Blind trust is like a horse in a burning building. First you must cover the horse's eyes before you can lead him out. Sometimes God doesn't explain what's happening to us or where He is leading us. When He does this, we are to blindly trust that HE knows what He's doing! If He were to explain it to us, it might scare us (just like the fire would scare the horse!) and we wouldn't follow His sure leading.

God loves us and wants to help us with ALL our problems. All we have to do is LET Him! Even the little ones matter to Him—He WANTS to help! And we know that God is all power and all knowledge, so stop and think… how much better off we would be if we put our TOTAL trust in God and let Him do for us what HE knows is best!

What to do After You've Given the Problem to God

After you begin to learn to blindly trust God with all your problems, BEWARE: Satan is bound to try to tell you it won't work! He will use every trick he can think of to get you to worry and doubt God. One way to know if you've really turned it all over to God is if you aren't worrying about it anymore. If you find yourself constantly thinking and talking about the problem, chances are you are still holding onto it yourself. If you've laid everything at the feet of Jesus, there is NO cause for worry! When you do this, Satan has no ground to stand on. When he brings it to your mind, just tell him you won't listen—GOD has the problem, not you. So if Satan wants to talk to someone about it, he has to face God—which, of course, he wouldn't dream of!! Just tell him, as the saying goes, to "talk to the Hand" (the Hand of God, that is)!!

Jesus told us to come to Him when we are troubled and weary and He promised to give us rest. He said His yoke is easy and His burden is light. How true are these words of our Precious Savior!! He takes ALL our burdens upon Himself and in exchange gives us a yoke with NO burdens. How calm and joyful it is to be free from burdens in the Savior—resting in Him, trusting Him moment by moment, praising Him even in the middle of bad times—for we know we're in His care! Even though the circumstances of the day might suggest a day spent in worry or concern, the awareness of the presence of God provides a day of rejoicing in the face of our circumstances! Rejoicing in the day the Lord has given us opens up possibilities and closes the door on worry and futility.


Walking With Him

When Peter saw Jesus walking on the water, He jumped out of the boat and started walking towards Him. As long as his eyes were on Jesus and not the high waves, he did just fine! However, as soon as he looked at the waves (the problem), he began to sink. He called to Jesus to save him, and immediately Jesus did. Then Jesus asked him, "Peter, why did you doubt?"

I believe this is a valuable lesson to us as Christians. When we have problems all around us, it doesn't matter. The world offers two choices:

Sink: Let the problem scare you and cause you to give up hope.

Swim: TRY to handle the problem yourself.

But GOD has a better option: To walk on the top with Him!

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