Texas Teacher Who Put up Cross Sign in Classroom Accused of ‘Proselytizing’

Texas Teacher Who Put up Cross Sign in Classroom Accused of ‘Proselytizing’

A Texas teacher is under fire for putting up a cross sign in her classroom and for teaching that no one is perfect but “our Lord.” An atheist-humanist parent contacted the American Humanist Association (AHA) when they heard of the teacher’s activities. The AHA then sent a letter to the office of the Brownsville Independent School District and to the principal of Benavides Elementary School. The letter accused the teacher, identified only as Ms. Sanroman, of using her platform as a teacher to “proselytize.” The AHA has also given school officials seven days to respond to the charges and to deal with them. "Non-Christian students and their families should not have to put up with Christian proselytizing in what should be a secular public school,” AHA legal director David Niose stated. Heather Clark of Christian News Network sees the situation differently, however. Things are really different now compared to before, when laws were enacted just so people can read and learn from the Bible," Clark said. Clark noted that in 1647 the Massachusetts Bay Colony passed a law called “The Old Deluder Satan Act” which required children to know how to read so they could read the Scriptures and avoid Satan’s trap of keeping people ignorant about the things of the Lord. Clark further noted that up until the early 1900’s, “The New England Primer” was used in many of the nation’s schools. The primer helped children to read by using Scripture and stated, "Save me, O God, from evil all this day long, and let me love and serve Thee forever, for the sake of Jesus Christ, Thy Son.”

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