Difference Between Oppression and Possession

Difference Between Oppression and Possession

Oppression vs Possession Oppression and possession are two classifications of demon influence and harassment toward human beings. Demons are considered a form of evil spirits that can influence human beings in many ways. Although there are many non-believers about demons and their influences, many religions insist that these spirits can influence or cause disruptions to human lives and their faith. In demonic oppression, the demon does not directly attack the person but influences his behavior and the person’s entire life. The person under demonic oppression might exhibit abnormal or changes in personality, attitude, and manners. Even with demonic influence, the person retains control over his physical body and mind. On the other side, demonic possession is the state where the demon gains full command of a person’s body. The demon takes away the person’s ability to use his physical body, will, consciousness, and freedom. The body adopts the personality, voice, and actions of the demon. By using the person’s body, the demon communicates to other people by using a different voice and ways like shouting profanity and taunts. Both demonic oppression and possession need a certain degree of latitude or “acceptance” into the human person’s body. For many religions and religious people, disobedience, committing sins, having temptations, participating in an occult religion, and a lack of faith are major reasons why demon oppression and possession happen. Demonic oppression and possession can be remedied by doing repentance as well as purification of the body and soul. The most effective way to stop demonic influence is to reclaim faith and solidify belief with a strong will. These elements will help to battle the demon and other temptations. Exorcism, the process of forced extraction of an evil spirit from the body, is usually reserved for demon-possessed people. However, there is little evidence and accuracy regarding exorcism. The exorcist is usually performed by a member of the clergy. According to Christians, a believer and follower of Jesus Christ can be oppressed but cannot be possessed. This notion is founded on the belief that the Holy Spirit (one of the Holy Trinity) resides in a person’s body as its temple. This makes a Christian incorruptible and an exception to total demonic control. Summary: 1. Demonic oppression and possession are two distinct types of demonic interaction. They both cause harassment and influence over a certain person. 2. Demonic oppression is defined as mild to heavy demonic harassment or influence. Meanwhile, demonic possession is characterized as full inhibition and control of evil spirits over the human body. 3. In demonic oppression, the person doesn’t lose his ability to move or control his body or mind. In demonic possession, on the other hand, the demon takes away the person’s volition including physical and mental capacities. 4. Demonic oppression is purely influence or subjugation of the person to the demon’s will. This can be done by suggestion or manipulation. On the other hand, demonic possession is the act where a demon controls a person’s body and mind. Therefore, in demonic oppression, the human will isn’t fully disabled. This is not the case in demonic possession. 5. Demonic possession is seen as more sensationalized than demonic oppression. 6. Both demonic oppression and possession happen inside a person’s body. However, demon-possessed people often communicates with other humans by using a demonic voice and manner. 7. There are many reasons why demonic oppression and possession happen. Most of the reasons are based on weak faith, disobedience to religion, and falling into sin. 8. In Christian teachings, a Christian can be oppressed but cannot be possessed. The Christian belief that a person’s body is the temple of the Holy Spirit is the basis of this thinking.

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