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On this page, you will find all of Bill's upcoming appearances, shows and events that he does. This section will be updated regularly as Bill provides us the information to keep our readers and listeners up to date on his current events... All interviews and appearances that are in video format removed from this site will now be moved to our newest archive page! To find the archives please go to the drop down menu and you will find our archives or click this this link and it will take you directly there:

Welcome to 2020! Let's get ready as Bill takes us through all new shows... You wont want to miss them as  Bill will have some exciting things to talk about this year. Get ready and strap on your seatbelt. Bill is fired up and ready for an exciting year! So Join us live where ever shows are available! We are excited to bring you new shows as they are available. We look forward to seeing you at all of his shows this year and please remember to be courteous and respectful at all times and remember Bill takes time out of his busy schedule to bring you an exciting show and even if you have differences of opinions or views, please be respectful as the show hosts and moderators reserve the right to remove any one they feel is necessary to keep the environment for everyone. Please enjoy the shows this year and they will be posted here as they become available. The next tab under this in the drop down menu has archives of past shows Bill has done! Thankyou!

Please join us live Tuesday May 12th,20202 on Supernatural Realm Radio with Show Hosts Tim Roxbury and Chip Reichanthal!

Bill will be bringing an amazing show to the table from 7-9pm Eastern and from 6-8pm Central time... All other time zones should check their corresponding times to listen to this show. 


Bill always captivates his audiences and leaves them scratching their heads... He keeps the listener's attention and always gives a great show that will leave the audience realizing life is truly stranger than fiction. This is a show you wont want to miss and if you're looking for something to do on your Tuesday night........ then come hang out with Bill and hear what he has to say. Pull up a chair to the nearest pc, grab some friends and your favorite snack and get ready as Bill gives another amazing show that will leave you scratching your head and wanting more. 

Show time starts at 7pm Eastern Time and 6pm Central time This Tuesday! Come join us online for some fun and get ready for another memorable show with Bill.

To Listen to this show live you have 2 options: 

Or :  and find Bill's episode in this list. Open it in a new tab and join the chat. We hope to see you all there! Please be respectful and courteous at all times as Bill takes time out of his extremely busy schedule to bring you an amazing show with the help of the show host, so even if you dont agree with everything Bill or the show host says please be respectful as any moderators and chat admins reserve the right to remove anyone causing disruption to the show. Thank you!


Our Location and Get in Touch with us online, Email and by Phone:  Or:


Phone: 319-201-3023  Email address:

 Thank you for joining us for this year's upcoming summer 2020 events as we hope you will truly enjoy spending your summer with Bill! Let's get ready for all new exciting summer in 2018 with Bill as we wait to see what he has up his sleeve for us and just like the summer, Bill is absolutely fired up and on fire with upcoming events this year! He's excited, pumped up and ready to get this summer going and of to a great start! Watch this section for his latest and up coming events! As we open our our summer event section for the year, Please be sure to register in a timely fashion because event seating and spaces may be limited as well as refunds on ticket prices are limited; and ticket prices sell out fast. Once these are events are over, they are over until the following year and some only happen once in a life time...(If they sell out and you miss your chance to purchase your tickets, there is nothing we can do unfortunately so be sure if you want to attend to get your tickets while they last!!!!! So if you're looking for a fun way to spend your summer and you just can't get enough of the events and of course Bill himself, then come spend some quality time with Bill and find out where he'll be next. This section will be updated regularly as he passes on the information to us.  So Get ready and come out and support Bill and you never know what he will have in store and lined up or where he'll be. Check this section often.


As we get underway with summer,...We are so excited to kick off our summer events and to see what Bill has in store for us! Get ready to check our fall section of this page below later in the year ... the events for summer and fall will be coming in as we get them! Bill is full of fun and surprises so you will just wait to see what's coming next.... but he's not spoiling the surprises ahead of time... So Get ready ..... Will Bill be in your area? Just wait, watch and see!

First up on the list......

Are you looking for something to do for the end of summer to help welcome the kick off to the start of fall???? Have you enjoyed the Summer events that Bill Bean has put on??? Well we can tell you don’t be bummed out about what Bill has done because he has more to offer and more is coming! Can’t get enough of Bill and want more??? Clear those calendars and schedules! Get ready as we kick off our end of summer events and get ready to head into fall with the recent upcoming events below! Check this page often and get ready for more updates as Bill lets us know what he has up his sleeve for us ahead yet to come.

First up on the List !!

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