Reflection Center

animated waterfall flowing
animated waterfall flowing
cross glowing

Welcome to the Reflection Center! Do you need to take time for yourself to reflect on things in your life?  Have you recently experienced a death, have an anniversary, the birth of  a new baby? Whatever your need is for visiting the reflection center, It has brought you here for a reason. Please take the time to clear your head, mind and heart. slow your breathing down and take slow deep breaths in and out until you feel yourself begin to relax. Then focus on the flickering candle light for as long as you need to until you feel feel a sense of peace. If you would like us to pray for you, please use our prayer request form with the prayer you would like posted and we will be happy to add you to our prayer list. Now if you're ready to begin... please sit quietly with clear head, heart and mind and think of whatever is on your mind and heart and while you sit quietly spending some time with GOD, let his voice fill your heart and mind and let him answer your prayers, concerns and worries.  If you would like to light your own candle, please click the link to your right of the candle. (clicking the banner will open a slider bar type of window. Slide slider bars until you see the click here link. This will also take you to the candle lighting site as well and open in a new tab/window)


May GOD bless you always.

Note: if you would like some help with relaxing, please click the music link below.

candle flickering peacefully
click here to light your own candle