Please Join us in Prayer for the following  people... New posts will be added as they come in.  We ask GOD for a healing miracle in each of our lives, hearts, and around the world. We pray for our ministers, bosses, friends, family, neighbors and those who are  special in our lives or close to us. We  unite together as christians and pray  together and for eachother as Christ taught us to pray  for and love one another.  May the peace and joy of Christ  fill your hearts and lives every day..May GOD bless  you always !


Sicerely, Spiritual Warfare Research and Development!

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Paige Llewellyn

Please join us in prayer for Paige who is dealing with insomnia and other issues in her life. We ask GOD to help her with sleeping and bring peace and comfort as well as everything she's needing in Jesus's name.


Please join us in prayer tonight for Ruth she got up this morning to go to the airport and she fell and broke her hip and arm.. We ask GOD for healing and restoration back to good health in Jesus's name.

Bill Bean

Please join us in prayer for Bill as GOD continues to use and send him into the world to help people and make a difference in the lives of countless others in this world; making the positive differences that this world needs to be a more beautiful place and safer for everyone. May GOD protect him always and keeping him safe and blessed in ALL travels, everything he does in this life and as he goes about his days and keep him safe while he sleeps. Help him to know the love and peace of Christ as he grows deeper in his faith throughout his life.


Give him the ability to be able to continue teaching me and others about life by being a living example that we can live by and always remember the the words of wisdom that he leaves with us everyday and to create an impact on this world that will create an unforgettable legacy on this world and impact on the hearts of others in this world through the lives he touches everyday. May may his bond with us, and all who are in his life forever be deepened as GOD teaches him to build further in faith, compassion, gentleness and love and teach him to teach us all in the way Jesus would do. Teach him to teach us the way of the cross and to strengthen faith and follow in the footsteps of Jesus and may he be a shinning example of Christ's love to us and everyone he meets. May he not only draw closer to us with love in his heart but with the bond and friendship we have formed with him, but to all of us whose life's he touched and changed forever. May he be the example GOD uses him to be for us and all he comes into contact with.


May GOD show him what a blessing he is to everyone he meets in life and how special he is to each and every one of us. Now every one of us gets the chance to thank GOD that he gave us Bill and we hope he one day will fully understand the magnitude of the impact he has left on everyone one of us. Thank you for being such a blessing to us all and everything you do! We love you!

Corrie Egleston

Please join us in prayer for Corrie. Please pray that the depression she's facing be lifted and that she can have peace of mind. She lays awake at night crying and just wanting to go home to be with Jesus. Her physical health is not the greatest having lupus and other problems such as severe nose bleeds. She feels like her life has been brought to a stop because of all this. Just need answers to prayer. She's been hurt by someone and have forgiven them but cannot seem to forget. The pain is intense. God Bless You Abundantly for your prayers.

Joy Callahan

Please join us in prayer for Reese who has Lung Cancer and is in the hospital in Atlanta GA. Prognosis is unknown and he is 94 years old. May GOD heal, restore and rid the cancer from his body.

Laura Maxwell