Please Join us in Prayer for the following  people... New posts will be added as they come in.  We ask GOD for a healing miracle in each of our lives, hearts, and around the world. We pray for our ministers, bosses, friends, family, neighbors and those who are  special in our lives or close to us. We  unite together as christians and pray  together and for eachother as Christ taught us to pray  for and love one another.  May the peace and joy of Christ  fill your hearts and lives every day..May GOD bless  you always !


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Paige Llewellyn

Please join us in prayer for Paige who is dealing with insomnia and other issues in her life. We ask GOD to help her with sleeping and bring peace and comfort as well as everything she's needing in Jesus's name.


Please join us in prayer tonight for Ruth she got up this morning to go to the airport and she fell and broke her hip and arm.. We ask GOD for healing and restoration back to good health in Jesus's name.

Bill Bean

Please join us in prayer for Bill as GOD continues to use and send him into the world to help people and make a difference in the lives of countless others in this world; making the positive differences that this world needs to be a more beautiful place and safer for everyone. May GOD protect him always and keeping him safe and blessed in ALL travels, everything he does in this life and as he goes about his days and keep him safe while he sleeps. Help him to know the love and peace of Christ as he grows deeper in his faith throughout his life.


Give him the ability to be able to continue teaching me and others about life by being a living example that we can live by and always remember the the words of wisdom that he leaves with us everyday and to create an impact on this world that will create an unforgettable legacy on this world and impact on the hearts of others in this world through the lives he touches everyday. May may his bond with us, and all who are in his life forever be deepened as GOD teaches him to build further in faith, compassion, gentleness and love and teach him to teach us all in the way Jesus would do. Teach him to teach us the way of the cross and to strengthen faith and follow in the footsteps of Jesus and may he be a shinning example of Christ's love to us and everyone he meets. May he not only draw closer to us with love in his heart but with the bond and friendship we have formed with him, but to all of us whose life's he touched and changed forever. May he be the example GOD uses him to be for us and all he comes into contact with.


May GOD show him what a blessing he is to everyone he meets in life and how special he is to each and every one of us. Now every one of us gets the chance to thank GOD that he gave us Bill and we hope he one day will fully understand the magnitude of the impact he has left on everyone one of us. Thank you for being such a blessing to us all and everything you do! We love you!

Corrie Egleston

Please join us in prayer for Corrie. Please pray that the depression she's facing be lifted and that she can have peace of mind. She lays awake at night crying and just wanting to go home to be with Jesus. Her physical health is not the greatest having lupus and other problems such as severe nose bleeds. She feels like her life has been brought to a stop because of all this. Just need answers to prayer. She's been hurt by someone and have forgiven them but cannot seem to forget. The pain is intense. God Bless You Abundantly for your prayers.

Joy Callahan

Please join us in prayer for Reese who has Lung Cancer and is in the hospital in Atlanta GA. Prognosis is unknown and he is 94 years old. May GOD heal, restore and rid the cancer from his body.

Laura Maxwell

My dad's brother just went into hospital, he's 78, and unsaved, so I can't think properly right now.


Urgent prayer please for the Lord to quickly and consistently provide funds to pay our bills such as utilities, food, medical needs, repairs etc. These are due to long term un/underemployment. May we see His hand move mightily and miraculously and bring glory to His name. My faith is so unstable and fear from the Enemy is crippling. In addition discernment to see open doors of the Lord's choosing where I can use my gifts is much desired.

Kristen Hanrath

Prayer for healing and health
Please join us in prayer for David Adams. A wonderful man, father and husband going through sepsis and a heart attack. Fighting for his life. Thank you Amen and may GOD grant a healing miracle!

Haftay Adhana -Ethiopia

Please Join us in prayer for Haftay,

I need prayer for breaking THE SPIRIT OF DELAY. This spirit does a lot of harm in my life by delaying my fulfillments. But this time God is revealing the presence of this evil Identity in my life.Please help me in breaking this evil one so that I can enjoy lifes better side.

John and Gabby Drenner

Please join us in prayer for John Drenner whose father unexpectedly passed away last night. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family as they grieve the loss of John's father... May GOD provide them comfort and peace during this difficult time for them.

James and Amy Staples

Clarksville Tenessee


Husband and Wife Team married 34 years, struggling against the economic currents and physically wearing down while prices and demands monetarily climb over their ability to keep up.

Wife (59) has no Kidneys and is on Home Hemo Dialysis, 5 days per week 6-8 hours per treatment. Having survived 7 bouts with Sepsis, poor medical management destroyed her bones. Many other medical issues exist due to Dialysis situation.

Husband (56) Injured at work with L 4-5 Ruptured Disc, 3 failed back surgeries, left me unable to qualify for employment. Due to medical misadventure, was treated with Actos which left me with Atrial Fibrillation which has been observed to keep me homebound for days. After some years of non-diagnosed Psoriasis; I have now developed Psoriatic Arthritis in hands knees and feet which can keep me debilitated and needing feet elevated and iced most of the day until the pain subsides and I am able to walk with a better degree of mobility.

I am also Home Hemo Dialysis Care Partner to my wife, needing to be upright and able to assist my wife with her daily activities, or driving around town trying to run errands. The less I am able to operate the less my wife's care can be attended to.

We are both on SSD, but it is not enough to make ends meet no matter what sacrifices we make and often must resort to church charities for basic necessities. It is humiliating. We would much rather be helping others in need. We forgo eye checks, new glasses, cataract surgery, dental work. I often awake during night and morning with a mouth full of blood due to the poor health of gums and teeth. The most important thing is to keep me viable so I can attend to my wife's needs.

We have debts which we struggle to pay off, for example, a student loan which I was forced to take in 1988, of $1500, which was supposed to be forgiven, only to have it turn up years later with an extra $1500 in interest tacked on to it, and no amount of paperwork from Doctors will convince them to release this debt, which is still around $2900, but we have no extra funds after rent and bills to try to pay off the debt. Medical debt also mounts with the 20% not covered we have around $3000 in such debt that continues to accumulate interest and fees due to nonpayment.

We have a good car, but it really needs some regular maintenance, which is badly needed to drive us to our various medical appointments, some of them 120 miles round trip. Other than going to medical appts. and occasional shopping for supplies charities don't carry- we go nowhere in order to keep our fuel bill down to no more than 2 tank fills per month.

I am begging for money in this way. If we can get the money requested we can liquidate all our past due bills and debts, tend to the things we need and be able to work on Earning an income through E-commerce- and begin to keep ourselves honorably above water. Due to my lack of computer skills, I plan to take classes at the local college so I can begin to work on my own and not be found under financial water again, and perhaps be able to help our children and grandchildren when their needs arise.

My wife is also attempting to find work from home and may also need to take more college courses to meet the ever changing technology. We hope this will help stabilize our financial affairs. However, with her health so tenuous it is something that could change at any minute.

My only hope is that this fundraiser will pay off enough debt (medical and others) to really make a difference in our lives from month to month. The worst thing I can imagine to have to do is ask for monetary help, yet here I am. I hate to ask. I hate to beg. I hate the need to do so. If you are like us and struggling and unable to help monetarily then please help by sharing this with everyone you know. That is also helping us. Thank you for reading and for your time.


If you or anyone you know of would like to donate to this cause, Please click the following link.

Carla Ritchie

Please Join us in prayer for Carla Ritchie's Sister Laura Heger. She has suffered a stroke so far we don't know how bad it is yet. She might be paralyzed on her right side. She is listed as stable for now.. May GOD provide her and her family with a healing miracle in Jesus's name.

 Maria from Canda

Please join us in prayer for Maria’s deliverance and for the protection of her coworkers from her harassment, slander and lies. She was filled with scorn and rage after attending a Christian service with them.

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood…”

Rinthea Satterlee and baby Aaliyah Irene


Please join us in prayer for one of my contacts Rinthea Satterlee and baby Aaliyah Irene only 12 days old who was born earlier than scheduled, that this little girl grow big enough to come home; and that they may be able to take her off the chest tube that is helping her left lung to re inflate after a partial lung collapse and is struggling with her oxygen levels...may GOD place a healing hand on her and heal this little girl completely.   ❤️  ✝️

Aaliyah Satterlee

Maryna Conway

Please pray for my husband Mark who has an affair with another married woman, Renee and they want to break up 2 marriages to "do God's will" . Mark is a very strong follower off Christ, but Satan got a hold of him and seared his conscious, she is not a committed Christian. Please pray with me that God through His Holy Spirit will haunt him and bring him to his sences. Please break with me her soulish prayers off, as she said her prayers hovering over him every night. 

Please pray for my GM that they may have everything that they need.

- Anonymous


I have a gum disease that is causing my teeth to decay and break, causing bad nerve pain and ulcers. It has also affected my jaw. The pain is so bad I can't sleep or eat properly. I feel exhausted. My son and I are really struggling financially and I can't afford to get them fixed. My son Richard has Autism. He struggles at school and has no friends. I have been standing on the Word for ages and have healing scriptures playing throughout the night, but things are getting worse. Thank you so much. Tania



Healing/Financial Needs

Please pray for Meghan Pappas. please pray for her family and friends. Her hometown is about to burn to the ground. Her family is about to lose their homes. Her mom and family have evacuated and are coming to phz in emergency

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