Bill Bean's Office Locations

Welcome to the Bill Bean's Office Locations Page! We're glad you're here......... Bill has decided it's time to open offices in different parts of America. We will be adding new office locations as the need becomes available. Currently, we are looking to start the office locations being opened in New York and in Iowa... We are also currently accepting and booking clients for these locations and more states will follow suit as the need becomes available. Please watch this page as we update the locations where you can find Bill in person should you need Spiritual Help.

At this time, Bill travels to the homes or location of each client he presently works with each week, and now to make things more convenient for the client, we have the option for you to come to Bill! This doesn't mean he will discontinue his travel to personal residences and office locations, churches, etc, it just means it opens the door and opportunity to serve more for those who prefer to go to him. He is also presently considering adding DC, Chicago and Los Angeles to the list of places he would like to eventually get an office in as the need for help arises! Please stay tuned and watch this page for more Locations! We will be announcing the grand opening dates soon as soon we have them available... In the mean time please reserve your spots as appointments do fill up quickly as he will only be in each location monthly! Don't miss your chance for help if you need it!

Bill Bean's Office Locations

We will currently be located in these states:

  • New York

  • Iowa office number 319-201-3023 and hit 0 for main office

Coming Soon

  • Chicago, Illinois

  • Washington DC

  • Los Angeles California

  • We will be adding more states as the need for help increases! Please Stay tuned and watch the updates to be added!

Email our office by clicking on the pink envelope or use the form Below!

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