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  • Bill Bean has authored four books. His newest release, “The Connection,” is part autobiography and part instruction manual for anyone looking to overcome oppression or negative thoughts.


With New Book, Bill Bean Recounts His “Connection” To Faith And The Paranormal

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March 20, 2018

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Bill Bean was 4 years old in 1970 when his family moved into a three-bedroom, ranch-style house on Little Road in Harundale, Glen Burnie. Immediately upon observing the pink house with the white shutters, he felt uncomfortable.

“It just had an ominous look and feel to it,” recalled Bean, one of three children. “It was located at the bottom of a downhill cul-de-sac with a very large and deep ravine behind it, and I just had this horrible feeling about it.”

As Bean testified in his first book, “Dark Force,” and on a 2006 episode of the TV show “A Haunting,” the house became the site of unsettling noises, foul smells, levitating beds, apparitions and physical attacks. In his newly released fourth book, “The Connection,” Bean takes readers on a journey, again detailing those horrific experiences but also sharing wisdom about how he overcame that torment to become a spiritual deliverance minister, life coach and motivational speaker who travels the country to help others.

“I had to go back to revisit some of those horrible and frightening and tormenting things in order to lead the reader to where I am,” Bean said. “So by mid book, it becomes an instruction manual.

“I can’t twist anybody’s arm into anything and I don’t want to impose my will on anybody,” he continued. “However, I’m sharing with people what I do in my daily routine and my relationship with God and … I’m offering them step-by-step instructions on how to do it.”

Bean’s evolution to a man of faith came as a surprise to even himself, but it was his uncle Cliff who showed him that spiritual path when Bean was feeling hopeless.

“It was a turning point in that it gave me something that I never had in the way of a knowing and a belief, that we could, by the power of God, take a power and authority over these things,” Bean said. “So that was really the introduction for me into this world of spiritual warfare.”

What events led Bean to that point? Soon after moving to the house, his mother, Patricia Bean, was by herself when she felt a presence in the living room. Next, doors slammed shut.

“It continued to escalate into these other noises: taps and rapping on the walls, voices in whispers and the rocking chair rocking by itself,” Bean said. “Horrible smells of sulfur and rotten flesh or feces would manifest out of nowhere at various times. My mother would make the beds in the mornings and there were many times she would come back and find those beds just literally torn apart.”

The incidents became physical and not only by the hands of spirits, Bean recalled. He described his father, William Bean Sr., as “a good man, a hardworking man” and a master carpenter whose demeanor changed as inexplicable horrors continued to plague the family.

“I really believe that the supernatural events unnerved him and confounded his mind to the point where he really began to delve deeply into alcohol, and he became a raging alcoholic who began to physically abuse my mother on a regular basis between 1973 and 1975,” Bean said.

His dad eventually left for Florida and his mom died of a cerebral hemorrhage 10 months after the family finally moved out of the house in 1980. Six years later, his dad was shot. Both parents died before the age of 50, and Bean succumbed to various vices.

“I was living life on the edge. I grew up in the streets, I hung out with the worst of the worst people,” he said. “A lot of those people are dead or in prison and I easily could have been there as well. I drank, I did drugs, I engaged in all of those types of things, and through it all, I was seeking death.”

That’s where his faith saved him, he said. As he explains in “The Connection,” he overcame a “fear-based, trauma-based way of thinking” and he works to help others accomplish the same goal.

“For anybody out there who needs help or might be going through a bad time spiritually and they feel like they’re under curses or demonically oppressed or they have a loved one they feel is possessed, whatever it may be, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me,” he said.

To get a copy of “The Connection” or to contact Bean directly, visit

“It gave me, and it still does, such great pleasure and a great feeling to know I’m offering something of help and positivity to my fellow man,” Bean said. “I could not be right where I am right now in helping others had I not been there as a victim suffering those things. It’s all part of the journey.”

This article below was a complete surprise for Bill and he wanted to share this article with everyone. This was posted in the MUFON articles. He did not expect or know about his latest book being written about. He sent this to us to share with everyone!

Spiritual Warfare


Bill Bean is in the trenches conducting spiritual warfare and currently travels all over America performing exorcism / spiritual deliverance for many who are in need. He also is a life-coach and helps people world-wide. “The Connection” will show you how to transform your life through a strong personal relationship with GOD (YAHWEH) and His son Jesus Christ.

In “The Connection,” Bill stresses the importance of seeking and solidifying a strong connection with God in every aspect of our life. He draws the literal connection between the past events of his life and his present 24/7 Spiritual Warrior life-style and that connection is God.

Read these pages, not just with an open mind, but an open heart, spirit, and soul. Connect with God and see God do great things in, to, around, and for you and your loved ones.

Author, lecturer, and spiritual warrior Bill Bean discussed what he has learned from years of fighting evil and after performing hundreds of exorcisms as part of his deliverance ministry. He shared stories and cases from the world of demon possession as well as chatted about other paranormal topics, including UFOs and the Mandela Effect. “People really do suffer in horrific ways at the hands of these demonic manifestations,” he said, noting how he felt called by God to help victims struggling against evil forces.

According to Bean, possessions by demonic entities around the world are on the increase. One of the most widely-held religious beliefs in the world is demon possession. Most religions claim that humans can be possessed by demonic spirits (the Bible, for example, recounts six instances of Jesus casting out demons. He suggested experiments at the particle physics laboratory at CERN may have opened portals to other realms and are likely to blame for the rise in possessions as well as other strange phenomena, such as bat-like creatures spotted in the Chicago area and UFO activity. “Something has been opened that has really loosed more and more of these demons on the Earth,” he speculated.