KJV Bible Changes

Every day in our world, there are changes going on all around us including in our daily lives. Those changes not only apply to our daily lives that we live, but have now started affecting the bibles we read and have in our very own possession. 

Bill takes us through a multitude of changes that have been discovered in them...below he displays some of the many changes that can be found at the site below. If you would like to visit this site externally please turn off to the right at the following link.

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On the following site below, you will need and want to scroll down where you will find much more information on the first page itself... This website is detailed, very indepth and full of insight and knowledge with videos and more. If you would like to visit this website externally. please click the following button and it will take you to it's external link.

These are some additional bible changes that have been sent to us.  Take a look at some of these changes.  To visit this website through an external link, please click the following link.