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Bill Bean

On this page, you will find all of Bill Bean's available books listed in order. He has currently written and published:


  • Dark Force,

  • Delivered 

  • Ten Steps to Victory

(which is also now in audio format which is read by Bill himself and can be heard on the video player below.)

  •  The Connection

  •  Stranger Than Fiction Supernatural Encounters of a Spiritual Warrior

  • Dark Force Revisited

  • The 7th Book

  • Stranger Than Fiction 2

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Bill's story and who he is, simply click the tab with his name and it will take you to his home page of our website. Bill has literally been on the roads of hell through out the journey of his life since he was young up until 2008 and now as an adult he is completely set free.

Bill is an incredible world renowned Deliverance Minister, a wonderful friend to those who know and love him, an inspirational author, motivational speaker and media personality. He is an inspiration to all of us who know and love him as well. From an early age in Bill's life, he lived the life style no human should endure by being tormented by the demonic.. he grew up as child without faith until he found himself in a postion where he knew it was a matter of life and death. He called upon GOD to set him free from his chains placed on him by the enemy. Since Bill's freedom from his unseen tormentors, Bill has found himself with a deep love and passion in his heart for GOD.. He now uses his faith to help set others free from the enemy and his minions. He has made it his life's mission to inspire, renew, restore and transform each life that he touches. He thinks he is just one person against the world but to those who know and love him, he is really just an angel in human form walking this journey with us.

Bill is a blessing to us all and he painfully talks about the journey the world of the demonic took him through in his 3 books starting with Dark Force then continues his story into Delivered. He then in Ten Steps To Victory, tells you how to stay strong during the enemies attacks and attemps to bring you down.. Bill is a true living miracle from GOD and is not only a blessing but a gift to all of us from GOD who have had our encounters with Bill in some form.  Keep up to date on this page as we wait to see what is in store for us from Bill..

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Dark Force
Ten Steps to Victory

The Connection By Bill Bean

The Connection

Have you read The Connection By Bill Bean??? Join the latetest buzz and hear what others have said about Bill's Book. If he doesn't already have a copy of your testimonial, a copy of it will be sent to him as well! Come join the others and hear what they have to say about Bill's latest book! These reviews will be found The Connection Book Review page. Come see all of them! Please click the link below:

Stranger than FIction

True Supernatrual Encounters

of a Spiritual Warrior


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