Bill's Testimonials

Bill I thank you so very much for coming to help me and for using the gifts that God has anointed you with. I  was in such horrible despair and was so hopeless. I was terribly depressed and the pain I felt was unbearable, but I prayed and ask the lord to send someone to help me and he sent you. My life is forever changed after God worked through you to deliver me from evil. I'm so overjoyed that I can't contain myself in my endless praise to God. Bill has the ability to make you feel comfortable and safe. I was able to speak freely and truthfully to him and it was amazing to feel all of the negativity lifting from me.  I will forever consider Bill Bean to be family and I love Bill Bean for coming all the way to Georgia to help me.

Sandra Clark

I met Bill in September of 2014... My attacks first began roughly about 3 months after moving into a house built in 1900 and was believed to be FULL of previous satanic activity and rituals; and the activity and attacks only got worse the longer I lived there. The house I used to live in was overwhelmingly infested with demonic activity... The point came for me to turn to Bill when I was only a week away from committing suicide due to the amount activity and physical attacks.

The last straw was when I found myself speaking and acting in ways that were not normal for me. My husband was even pushed down an 18 step flight of stairs while getting ready for work one morning. My husband was advised by a friend in Illinois to start praying over me whenever an attack would happen. All this did was enrage the demons. My local church gave me 5 additional bibles to add to the one I had but refused to admit this stuff existed nor would they help me. The night I brought these bibles home after coming from choir practice, every bible was thrown across the room. I had reached a point where I had to stop attending church because I would get violent and I would get extremely sick and agitated. I began to get depressed because of the lack of attending church.

The breaking point came where after years of being under demonic attack, I had been watching tv one night and saw Bill’s episode… Though I did not know of Bill personally at the time, I was curious about just who he was. I had told my husband about Bill and his reply was you have a choice, either you contact him or I will… We can’t keep going on like this. So I contacted Bill and a date was set to do my first deliverance. I could not believe the weight and the heaviness and the release that was lifted. For the first time in years I was actually able to smile again genuinely without it being a cover to fool everyone; and re attended church… After my first deliverance, and because Bill was unable to do my deliverance in person the first time around, the demons that lived in my house at the time, were banished to the basement and chose not to leave…

2 months after my first deliverance, I had not been feeling well due to a severe migraine.  I was also supposed to go out of state for Christmas for a family function a few days later. This migraine made it impossible to turn my head or even open my eyes. A friend of mine chose for us to get together before I left. Though I chose after a while that night to still attend a small get together despite the migraine, I’m glad I did. Later that night we would receive a call with the worst news possible. Our house had been burned to the ground. The case was investigated for arson and faulty wiring etc. Turns out there was no known cause for the fire to happen and went to cold case status.We lost 13 of the 15 animals that night that we had and my heart sank. We have since been trying to rebuild our lives and have secured another residence. However, the entities from the old place followed us to our current residence and only 1 week after moving in, the attacks from hell began again.

 I re contacted Bill as Bill and I have built up a very close friendship through all of this, and the attacks I faced here in the new place were 10 times more severe than the first time around. I barely escaped with my life, but thanks to Bill, He saved my life once again. My second deliverance was done and I truly feel that this time it is truly over and there is now a sense of peace. Although, where I live now still had plenty of activity in it, the attacks themselves have stopped and I have learned how to fight back even more than before. A land blessing that followed has since calmed things down to almost nothing. Bill is one of the most amazing people I have ever met and without him I would not have made it through the second time around nor would I be alive.

I am not only forever in debt to him for saving my life not once but twice, but he is now one of my best and dearest friends, He is someone I look up to, consider family, someone I highly respect and love more every day as a person; and have begun working for and with him in the area of Spiritual Warfare as his research and development and web tech assistant. I have also become a full time assistant to him as well wearing multiple hats as well. I have teamed up with Bill to bring awareness to the dangers of Satan and his demonic armies and expose the one true enemy hell bent on destruction and anything else that I can do to help him with to raise awareness with one message to the enemy: “Get ready for battle Satan, your days are numbered”.

Like Bill, Satan was hell bent on my destruction as well and having endured what I have, and listening to Bill talk about what he and his family went through; I can fully relate to his entire story. We need to wake up America, the enemy is set on destruction and is searching for you calling your name, waiting for you to answer back. Stand Strong in your faith and put on your armor 24/7. Never forget who the REAL one true King is. Now is the time to decide who you will follow and who you will serve! Always remember that JESUS CHRIST IS LORD. As Bill always says “If GOD is for us and with us who can stand against us? NO ONE! No Weapon formed against you will stand!”. Knowledge is power and power achieved is power perceived”.  Will you be ready to fight when the time comes???

GOD sent this world a HUGE Blessing when Bill came into this world.  I fully trust Bill with my life to be able to free others from the demonic strong holds of this dark world.  I would never trust another person with any spiritual battle that I may face. GOD has truly blessed my life with Bill and he will forever have a special place in my heart and I couldn’t love him more for giving me back my life. Bill is truly a miracle from GOD and I will never ever turn to anyone else but him and him alone.

I have now been working with Bill for the last 5 years soon to be 6 in September of this year. I dont know what I'd do without Bill as he is truly a blessing and a miracle from GOD. I couldn't thank GOD for Bill enough or what he's done for me. I would highly recommend Bill to anyone who needs help. Just like Bill I went from Victim to Victor and am victim NO MORE and NEVER again.Thank you so much for all you do Bill and giving me a life  I was meant to have- Free!!

~Erin Spellman

 Assistant to Bill Bean and Spiritual Warfare Research and Development Assistant

ALWAYS and Forever standing 1 with Christ!

Warrior Mode 24.7.365