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Welcome to the Bible Change Document Center... We at SWRD, and with the help of Bill Bean, strive to bring you the latest information on what is happening with our bible... Whether you think so or not, our bibles are changing every single day superanturally. 


Bill has done a wonderful job and  put together a website where you can see the bible changes being found so far with the KJV Bible...You may go to Bill's website to see the list of changes being found and listed. MANY MORE ARE COMING as we dig deeper into this subject! From our website: Click his name and go to his KJV Bible Changes Tab. You will also find an external link button that will take you to his external site as well. He will show you exactly how the KJV Bibles and countless other bibles are changing... The biggest changes are in the KJV Bible which is the main one we refrence. Option 2: Clicking this link below will take you directly to his page if you should choose and need help finding it.




This center is where you may download the documents that have been being discovered for your own refrences.  The changes in these documents and what Bill has listed are genuine proof that our bibles ARE BEING CHANGED DAILY.....

This article was recently sent to us today (10-21-17) with current removed or partially removed verses and other changes to our bibles going on. This was sent to us by a bible scholar who is awake and well aware of what is going on. Thank you for sending this Matthew J. Korpman...

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