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Angel Stories and Inspirational Encounters

Welcome to the Angel Stories and Inspriational Encounters. If you are anything like us and LOVE inspirational stories about how GOD sends angels to interact, intervene and make their presences known in our lives, then you've come to the right page. Perhaps you need a pick me up or your day isn't going just the way you want it. Whatever the situation that has come to land you here on this page,  GOD has brought you here. Below this introduction to our page, is heart warming and calming angel music. Whatever the need is for you being here you've come to the right place. Please take a moment to ask GOD to help calm your hearts and minds and feel free to hit the play button below and listen to some relaxation music that surrounds you with GOD's presence and his angels that he sends to keep us safe and protected while you read inspiriting stories of how angels look out for us and get us through the most troubling of times in life as well as how they can lend their friendship and so much more to us through the hand of GOD. Please feel free to share these stories with others or this page if you know someone who needs a little inspiration about how GOD works in our lives. So hit play on the player below and watch GOD and his angels go to work in your lives. This page like our E learning center that we have, will add new content as it becomes available. Please check back and watch for new updates.

Current Angel Stories Library Listing Table of Contents

  1. Filling up on Faith

  2. Midnight Kiss

  3. Angel Sightings

  4. Walking with Angels

  5. The Christmas Angel

  6. The Lady in White

  7. Heaven's music

  8. Modern Love

  9. At a Crossroad

  10. The Call that Changed my Life

  11. A Long Forgotten Prayer

  12. Spiritual Fitness

  13. Meant to Be

  14. Ready for Anything

  15. He Makes Winds His Messengers

  16. Only Human?

  17. Restoration Complete

  18. Give me a Break

  19. Earning Their Wings

  20. On a wing and A Prayer

1. Filling up on Faith by Erika Bentsen, Sprague River, Oregon

Christmas moring, I'd driven my boss, Bruce, to the hospital because he was suffering from kidney stones. We'd barely made it to the hospital because we didn't have time to fuel the truck. Now we were running dangerously low on gas and neither Bruce nor I had our wallets with us. When Bruce was discharged the nurse came running down the hall.

" I heard you were having trouble getting home" she said. She pressed a $25.00 Shell gas card into my hand.

" Thank you!" I said. Maybe miracles did happen on Christmas Day.

We made it to the Shell station but it was closed. Infact, it seemed like every station in the area was closed for the holiday. Now what? I drove up the mainstreet. I saw a sign for a gas station: " Open until 4 p.m. on Christmas Day". I glanced at the clock. 4:15pm. I stopped and got out and knocked on the door of the attendants booth. Lord, I need an angel.

The lone occupant turned to face me. It was a young man, with bright orange spiked hair and a metal stud through his lower lip. " Can I help"?

"We've spent all morning in the emergency room," I said. " We don't have enough gas to make it home or any money. I know you're not Shell, but could you use this card?"

"Those dont work here," he said. " But I"ll pump twenty-five dollars worth. You can come back and pay." I never wished anyone a merrier Christmas in my life!

The next day I drove back to town to return the card to the nurse and pay our bill at the station.

"What's this for?" the attendant on duty asked.

I told him about the young man's generosity. " He had earrings and orange spiky hair......"

"No one here like that, " He said.

I've driven past that gas station many times since, and I've not seen that young man. Maybe he moved on to another job. Maybe he dyed his hair and I just dont recognize him. The only thing I'm sure about is that on that Christmas, he was the angel that got us home.


2. Midnight Kiss by Mary Elizabeth Rathbun, Columbus, Ohio

Don and I welcome every New Year with a midnight kiss. In 55 years, we'd missed our kiss only once. During that year we were separated because he was in Pacific during World War II.

Now at half an hour to midnight, I lay in bed alone on my first New Year's without him, missing him terribly. How can I get through tonight? I thought.

I wached the Time Square celebration play on TV. " Wake me when the ball starts down." I said. Even though Don was gone, I often still talked to him.

I dozed off as the crystal ball decended. But something woke me from a deeper sleep. It was a kiss. A soft warm kiss on my cheek. "Don"? I said. The clock on the night table chimed midnight.

"Happy New Year, Love" I whispered. Knowing he could hear me. It seemed an angle helped me start the year off right. Just like always.  Except this year a heavenly angel stood in for my earthly one.

3. Angel Sightings by Rose Hina, Roseville, Ohio

WHEN MY ELDERLY PARENTS moved to a trailer property, Dad lost no time putting in a flower garden and shade tree. Recently, an arborist  came to spruce up the trees around our land, and a limb on Dad's shade tree caught my eye. My father tends a gardn in heaven now, but he left an angel here to watch over me.

4. Walking with Angels, by Donna Griffith, Lafette , Tennessee

Mom and I always realied on one another. I worked in fast food, but before and after my shifts, she served me the best home -cooked breakfast and dinner a girl could want. But Most of all, I looked forward to our evening walks.

One evening, we awlked down the road to the first major intersection. "Look both ways before you cross," Mom said. " Always the mother hen, " I said. Always trying to take care of me. Just like I"m always trying to take care of her. Lord, I wush we had someone to take care of us both.

There weren't any cars coming , so we stepped into the cross walk. Half way across the street I heard screetching wheels. A late model sedan was barreling right for us! There was no time to run. "Jesus," I mumbed, braced for impact.

That's when I felt them; two strong hands on my upper arms. The car was so close I could make out specks of dirt on the front grille. But the second before the collision I was lifted up into the air. I felt a rush of wind as the car passed me. Some how I'd been lifted out of harm's way just in time.

The next thing I knew I was sitting on the side walk across the street, the concrete under my palms. Mom!

I expected her to see her lying injured in the road. But she wasn't there. Mom sat a few feet away from me. " Are you all right?" she asked. "Yes," I said. "How are you?" Mom sat up straight, and took a big stretch. " I feel fine, "thanks to that man," she said.

"what man ?" I asked

"The man who picked me up and carried me over here just as the front of that car brushed passed me. How on earth did you get out of the way in time?".

"The man who helped you must have had a friend".

We looked around in either direction for our saviors, but there was no one in sight. I was unsure about exactly what had happened,but I'd never felt so cared for, so safe, and secure, either. Maybe there was someone else. Mom and I could rely on.

Times are easier now. Mom and I still take our evening walk. And our angels walk with us.


5. The Christmas Angel By Tullia Hamilton, St. Lousi Missouri

We found hope in a second hand store

CHRISTMAS WAS COMING, and while browsing a local second store with my sister, Sheila, I thought about everything my family had to be grateful for in 2006. We had to stay positive.

We wouldn't be in New Orleans this year. Our old neighborhood was still recovering from Hurricane Katrina. Luckily I had room n my home in St. Louis to take them all in.

My family had lived in New Orleans for generations, including the last 50 years in the Lower Ninth Ward.  I hadn't lived in the city since 1969, but I visted often and Christmas was still defined in my mind by the city's traditions.On December 25th, we made it to our friends' houses, enoying a drink , tasting their gumbo, and feasting on Mirliton, sweet potatoes and revelvet cake.

"keep an eye out for little things we can use as stocking stuffers," Sheila said , scanning an uppershelf.

This move has been so hard for Mama, Aunt Gladys and Aunt Ellen.

"It would have ben nice to have a little bit more of home for Christsmas".

We do have the angel, I thought.  SOme of us had made a trip back to the house in New Orleans, to see what we could salvage. The Devastation was beyond belief. " I've lived in that neighborook all my life," my brother, Ro, remarked when we returned. "but I couldn't even tell where I was. All the land marks were gone.

Family Momentos were missing too. Decades' worth of photos, clothing, furniture-Most of it gone. Except for the few items that we boxed up and brought back to St. Louis. When we unpacked the boxes my mom exclaimed with delight, "you found the Christmas angels!" She picked up a transparent glass candle holder in the shape of an angel. It was one of a pair, a gift to my mother from her sister-in-law. The pair had stoodon our Christmas dinner table every year since the 1980's.

Where's the other one?" I said. Ro shook his head. " Lost forever." That single angel would have a place of honor on our holiday table this year, but there would be something asd about seeing her all alone. It was as if, just like us, she'd lost apart of herself. I tried to concentrate on all the angels we had since the storm. People donated clothes, toiletries, and money. Another friend even found a weekly bingo game in St. Louis to make my aunts feel more at home. Our family would be together this Christmas. GOD help me focus on that instead of what we lost, I thought. Maybe that pair of candleholders woudn't be there on the table, but one angel was a blessing enough.

Sheila and I brought our purchasesto the register. I had just taken out my wallet to pay when she grabbed my arm. " Look!" she said. " Is that what I think it is?"

I peered into the glass case. Could it be? Yes! Two glass angels-our angels, a pair.

The cashier seemed a little confused by the excitement. There was nothing special about the candelholders that she could see. But for us, they were a small miracle. When my family sat down to Christmas dinner that year, our table had never felt so abundant. Once there were two angels, and then one. and now three! Proof that with GOD, nothing good was ever lost forever.

6. The Lady in White by Marie Ansner, Overland Park, Kansas

Her scarf blew in the air like a giant wing

PASSENGERS FILLED the aisles as I made my way to the back of the plane. I tossed my back into the overhead compartment and sat down, nodding politely to the woman next to me. Soon the captain announced our take off. "Here we go," I said quietly. The woman glanced at me. She thought I was talking to her. The truth is, I was talking to the angel who travels wiht me. I sometimes forget that no one can actually see her. Some people find that odd- a woman my age talking to a guardian angel. Wasn't I a little old for that?I understand. I'd once thought I might be too old for that too.

Back in 1950, I was 10 years old-practically grown up. I thought- and spending Easter on Uncle Walt and Aunt Mary's farm in Minnesota, on the banks of the Mississippi River. After Lunch my mom said, " You can stay with the girls next door."

"Great!" I said, pulling on my coat and hat. Nine year old Elaine, and her sister, Maryann, who was eight, were like cousins to me. We'd had a lot of adventures together on the farm.

"Youre the oldest," my mother reminded me. " Look out for the others."l will. I said." 

Elaine, Maryann and I played tagfor a while, thenI suggested we go down by the river. "Last year it was frozen solid until mid-April at least," I said. The girls nodded.

The ice was sinking righ from under us,

and we were still at least 75 feet from shore

Sure enough, the Mississippi looked like one big skating rink. We made our way tenatively across the slippery surface. About 50 feet out, Maryann slipped. "Careful," I said in my most grown up voice. Elaine and I helped her to her feet, and we ventured farther out. A hundred feet from shore we stopped and gased at the sheet of ice stretching out over the surface before us. Maryann slid over the surface in her boots.

"We must be a million miles out!" she exclaimed.

A thunderous crack sounded through the frozen air. The ice was breaking! " What are we going to ?" Maryann asked in a tiny frightened voice. I was just as scared as she was. But I was the oldest.

"It's ok, Maryann" I said. "Hold my hand." I reached for Elaine with the other hand. We hadn't walked far when we heard aother crack. I looked over my shoulder. Our foot prints were already filled with water. The ice was sinking right from under us, and we were still at least 75 feet from shore.